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New year, new me!

Change your habits and think about our environment and your wallet - consider buying a used device when buying a new Apple device!

If you decide to buy a used device, we will give you a 10% discount on the used Apple iPhone / iPad / Mac / Watch in January! ¹

iPhone from 36€ ›
iPad from 72€ ›
Mac from 238€ ›
Watch from 95€ ›

Why buy a used Apple from Mobipunkt?

✔️ 1 year warranty for all devices

✔️ Significantly cheaper than a new device

✔️ You save nature and give new life to your used device

✔️Trust a highly experienced seller, we have been selling used Apple products since 2015 and we have already sold over 10,000 used Apple products
✔️ All equipment is thoroughly inspected and disinfected

✔️ You can actually get acquainted with the devices in our office or order them from our e-shop with free delivery contactlessly all over Estonia

¹ Valid only for in store products. Discount 10% is already displayed on website.

Campaign will take place 05.01.2021-31.01.2021 in Mobipunkt store and webshop. Mobipunkt has the right to change the prices or goods without notice.

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