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Exchange your old device for a new one

Buy back price

Why bring Your old device to us?

  You can choose a new suitable device
  You can buy a new or a used device with this offer
  The new device price will be cheaper
  You can get the new one right away
  There is no need to waste time selling on Your own
  Fast, convenient and secure shop to buy a new one
  Can also be used for the first deposit when buying with high-purchase
  We can transfer information from your old device to the new one for free

Does your device have some kind of a problem?
See the table below for approximate prices, which value your device may have. For the exact price, please visit our store to get a personal offer.

Your device is associated with a third party?
The client is responsible for all associations with third parties (leasing). Client must end all contracts with third parties before selling the device for us.

How the deal will look like?
The whole process will approximately take 10 minutes. We recommend back-up the device to put information in the new device. For the final price is required to come to our office (Kalasadama 4a, Tallinn) to check your old device. Our mechanic will check it, and then we can say the final price. After this, we prepare the purchase agreement and You can leave with a smile on your face while holding Your new device.

For additional info feel free to contact us +372 5685 0020 or info@mobipunkt.ee

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How to find the serial number of an iPhone/iPad/Watch?
Go to Settings > General > About > Serial Number

How to find the serial number for my iMac / MacBook?
Click  > About this Mac > Serial Numbe


  All works as intended

  Device has some problems

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